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What you should know about our service

1. It's pretty damn cheap
2. To get so cheap we had to cut a few corners
3. Well... alot of corners.
4. Enough numbers.. lets start the Q&A

Q. Raid 10? 1? 
A. nahhh... raid 0
Q. Dafuq... dude my DATA!!
A. Well all servers are backed up every 30m using r1soft...

Q. So how much downtime can we expect in a year?
A. Well that SSD raid 0 SHOULD last 3 years so worst case scenario i'd say 12 hours a year.

Q. Overselling.... are you... no... how much are you overselling?
A. I use a 1:1.25 ratio... for every 20GB of RAM/SSD Space/CPU cores I sell 25 -.-

Q. Whats with the horrible design
A. This IS SCRAPhosting.com... no turd polishing will be done here

Q. Do we get support?
A. Sure... 'Best Effort' Support

Q. So what can't I run here?
A. Illegal Stuffs... If the USA thinks its illegal... I do too

Q. Can I abuse those cores XD ?
A. Sure...
A. Unless you're bitcoin mining... Then ill throttle your CPU to 50%

Q. How can I contact you directly?
A. support[a]scraphosting.com

A. No... no more questions..you can GO BACK now

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